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Kazi Shoiab

Abu Dhabi Police have appointed Captain Hagar Rashid Al Naeemi, a digital crime analyst, as a liaison officer at Interpol's Innovation Centre in Singapore. Over the next three years, Capt Hagar will gain invaluable global experience in cybercrime analysis, enhancing her skills and expertise in this critical area. Capt Hagar is notably the first Emirati police officer from the Middle East to specialize in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and the first female officer from Abu Dhabi Police to work with Interpol. Interpol's Innovation Centre is dedicated to developing advanced methods for combating international crime, bringing together academics, analysts, law enforcement professionals, and technology experts. #emirates #interpol #UAE #Female

A Groundbreaking Appointment

Captain Hagar Rashid Al Naeemi’s recent appointment as a liaison officer at Interpol’s Innovation Centre in Singapore marks a seminal moment in the field of cybercrime analysis. A distinguished digital crime analyst from the Abu Dhabi Police, Capt Hagar will embark on a three-year tenure dedicated to delving into the intricacies of cybercrime. This opportunity promises to provide her with invaluable global experience, positioning her at the forefront of cutting-edge cybercrime methodologies.

Capt Hagar’s appointment is groundbreaking for several reasons. Not only is she the first Emirati police officer from the Middle East to specialize in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) within the realm of digital crime, but she is also the first female officer from Abu Dhabi Police to collaborate with Interpol. This pioneering role underscores her exceptional expertise and the trust placed in her capabilities by both the Abu Dhabi Police and Interpol.

The significance of this appointment extends beyond personal accolades. It symbolizes a progressive step for the region, highlighting the UAE’s commitment to fostering talent in advanced technological fields. Capt Hagar’s expertise in VR and AR will be instrumental in addressing and analyzing emerging cyber threats, setting a precedent for future collaborations between regional law enforcement and international bodies like Interpol.

The global exposure Capt Hagar will gain from working at Interpol’s Innovation Centre is expected to have a profound impact on her professional growth. Immersion in an international environment will enhance her understanding of global cybercrime trends, innovative analytical techniques, and best practices in digital forensics. This knowledge, when applied back in Abu Dhabi, will significantly bolster the region’s capabilities in combating cybercrime.

Ultimately, Capt Hagar’s appointment is a testament to her pioneering spirit and the progressive vision of the Abu Dhabi Police. It represents a monumental step in the ongoing battle against cybercrime, promising to yield substantial benefits for both her professional journey and the broader objective of securing digital landscapes in the UAE.

Capt Hagar’s Illustrious Career and Contributions

Throughout her distinguished career, Captain Hagar Rashid Al Naeemi has garnered recognition for her extensive contributions to the field of digital crime analysis. Her journey is marked by a plethora of accolades and influential roles that underscore her commitment to advancing cybersecurity and law enforcement.

Notably, Capt Hagar previously spearheaded the virtual training department at the Saif Bin Zayed Academy for Police and Security Sciences. In this capacity, she was instrumental in developing and implementing cutting-edge training programs designed to enhance the capabilities of police officers in tackling digital crimes. Her innovative approach to virtual training has set new standards within the academy, benefiting countless officers and contributing to the broader objectives of the institution.

Her exceptional performance has not gone unnoticed; Capt Hagar has been honored with several prestigious awards, including the commander-in-chief’s award for best police officer in the technical field. This accolade is a testament to her technical acumen, leadership, and unwavering dedication to her duties. Her achievements serve as an inspiration to her peers and the younger generation of law enforcement professionals.

Capt Hagar’s influence extends beyond local borders. She has actively participated in numerous local and international conferences and exhibitions, where she has shared her expertise and insights on digital crime analysis. These platforms have allowed her to collaborate with global experts, exchange knowledge, and stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in cybersecurity.

Moreover, Capt Hagar has played a pivotal role in the Abu Dhabi Police Youth Council, where she has mentored and inspired young police officers. Her guidance has been crucial in shaping the future leaders of the police force, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

Capt Hagar Rashid Al Naeemi’s contributions have had a profound impact on the Abu Dhabi Police and the international law enforcement community. Her dedication to enhancing digital crime analysis and her commitment to mentoring the next generation of officers highlight her as a pioneering figure in the realm of cybersecurity.


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