New Initiative in Fujairah: Obtain Your Driver’s License in One Day

Kazi Shoiab

Introduction to the One-Day Licensing Initiative

A new initiative in Fujairah allows national service recruits to obtain their driver’s license within one day. This streamlined process is designed to expedite the licensing procedure and make it more efficient for eligible candidates.

Streamlined Process for Expedited Licensing

The one-day licensing initiative includes several key components: a theoretical test, an eye test, and a road test. All these steps are completed within a single day, ensuring that recruits can swiftly move through the licensing process without unnecessary delays.

Eligibility and Benefits

High school graduates who are part of the national service are eligible for this program. By participating, they can quickly obtain their driver’s license, which is a valuable asset both during and after their service. This initiative aims to remove barriers and provide a smoother transition for those entering the workforce or continuing their education.

Success in Other Emirates

Similar initiatives have been previously introduced in Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah. Within two weeks, 194 trainees, both male and female, benefited from Sharjah’s ‘one-day test’ initiative. The success of these programs highlights the effectiveness and potential benefits of implementing such streamlined processes across different regions.


Fujairah’s new initiative to allow national service recruits to obtain their driver’s license in one day is a promising step towards enhancing efficiency and convenience. By simplifying the licensing process, high school graduates can more easily achieve this important milestone, ultimately supporting their personal and professional development.


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